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Hello, I'm Doctor Lena Ebron

I’ve been there before! After transitioning from gymnastics to

cheerleading in high school, I was a rock star cheerleader--the kind where

my life revolved around sharp motions, perfecting tumbling passes, and

enjoying the glow of the Friday night lights. I’ll never forget the feeling

after hearing that familiar pop of tearing my ACL for the second time. The

feelings of pain, confusion, fear, and devastation stirred in the pit in my

stomach; the thought of yet another surgery and the rehab process filled

me with dread. After attending the first few physical therapy sessions, the

feeling of being stuck melted away into confidence in my “new knee.” A

supportive relationship with my physical therapist allowed me to discover

my own power and sparked an interest in the profession ofrehabilitation.


I can do that!

This was the determined attitude I brought with me to continue my studies and cheerleading at the University of West Georgia, and helping our UCA all- girl cheerleading college win the national championship. Both knees carried me through to becoming a pom-pom shaking instructor for a national cheerleading company--coaching gymnastics and cheerleading, and judging competitions. 


I love it!

My passion for these sports and interest in physical therapy continued to grow, along with my involvement in the area of performance. I felt a calling to empower young women who feel confused about their pain and sports performance to discover the clarity and direction to optimize their bodies for better performance. I enjoy helping athletes find strategies to build confident bodies and strong skills, so that they can whip out the moves just like I am known to do from time to time!

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My Background & Education


BS in Biology, University of West Georgia

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Emory University 

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Schroth Method, SSOL practitioner, P1

LSVT Parkinson's

Athletic Highlights

UCA All-Girl College National Champion, University of West Georgia


UCA Head Instructor


15+ years of recreational cheerleading and gymnastics instruction

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Fun Facts

Lover of dancing, riding horses, wake surfing, and skiing


DYI, painting, and crafting enthusiast


Volunteer physical therapist for the Muscular Dystrophy Association summer camp Open Hand Atlanta


Physical therapy service trip to Dominican Republic


Teal Trot for Ovarian Cancer- warmup instructor

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