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Sports Performance & Injury Rehabilitation

Both competitive athletes and active individuals of all ages who want to regain and enhance their performance after an injury can benefit from physical therapy.

Improve flexibility, strength and balance to avoid injury

The goal of physical therapy is to help relieve pain and improve movement so that you feel good and perform better.

Improve your form for greater efficiency and performance

Poor form not only impacts your power, strength, endurance, it can also lead to injuries. I will assess your form and provide guidance on how to adjust it so that you are always performing at your peak.

Reduction in stress on the body and mind

Physical therapy isn't just about completing exercises and strengthening muscles. It’s also about releasing muscle tension through massage and other therapies. Massage aids in the body's relaxation response to help combat both physical stress from activity and mental stress.

Injury rehabilitation

Injuries are going to happen despite training and precautions. I can help you get back to your activity or sport quickly and safely.  Targeted exercise and physical therapy will aid in healing. I will also address factors that contributed to the injury like balance, weakness or overuse to avoid similar injuries in the future.

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